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Wheel Loader 966H

Wheel Loader 966H

1. Power transmission system

Shangchai SC11CB255G2B1(C6ZG60e)in-line 6-cylinder and 4-stroke water-cooled and direct-injection supercharged diesel engine with good performance in this industry and with a rated power of 187kW(220PS)and maximum torque not less than 969N m(±6%)/1400 r/minensuring the good power performance, and a torque reserve factor not less than 1.2 providing a high reliability; the engine is fitted with a combined air filter which has a high air purification and needs less maintenance; the engine has good cold starting effect so that it can start normally when the ambient temperature is not less than -10℃.

The self-made 420 torque converter made by military technologies on the basis of 50-year military technologies, has reliable quality and good performance; the first-level integrated torque converters with four wheels have a conversion coefficient of 3.7; the diameter of cycle circle is 420mm, and much power can be absorbed to provide a higher traction torque.

The self-made fixed-axle hydraulic power shift gearbox made by military technologies has a high transmission efficiency (up to 94%), reliable quality and long service life; the four forward gears, four backward gears and high/low gear control make the machine easy to operate and increase the working efficiency; the clutch and oil passage are mounted outside so they are easy to repair and maintain; the fixed-axle structure is easy and cheap to repair.

Front and rear drive axles made by military technologies have a high loading capacity and high reliability, and can bear a load up to 35t comparing with the maximum loading capacity of 28t in this industry.

Rear axle center swinging structure with a swinging angle up to 11°.

Four-wheel drive, providing the loader with strong digging force and ensuring a traction force of 185kN of the loader.

2. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system pressure is 16MPa and has less pressure loss and stable performance.

The hydraulic system uses the world-advanced dual-pump (working pump and steering pump) confluent technology, ensuing its less hydraulic energy loss and good fuel saving effect.

Hydraulic pilot control, making operation easy and agile, reducing the work labor and increasing the work efficiency.

Full-hydraulic steering system with co-axial flow amplifier which makes the steering easy and agile.

Pre-press hydraulic oil tank which can prevent the air exchange inside and outside the oil tank, protect the hydraulic oil from pollution and prolong the service life of hydraulic oil.

20-mesh oil return filter which can enhance the reliability of hydraulic system and prolong the service life of hydraulic elements effectively.

The hydraulic pipeline is fitted with the tapered O-seal meeting the Germany standard and with good shock-proof effect and high sealing reliability.

3. Brake system

The service brake system is composed of the single-pipeline air-over hydraulic caliper brakes on four wheels, ensuring the good performance, a good braking effect and the braking distance not more than 15m when braked at the speed of 32km/h.

The parking brake system is composed of the mechanically-controlled expanding dual-shoe brake, ensuring the good performance and that the loader can be stopped on the slope not more than 25°.

4. Electrical system

World-famous VARTA maintenance-free battery with reliable quality.

The negative-pole master switch adopted can cut off the power supply of the vehicle timely and protect the electrical system effectively.

Water-proof connector, ensuring the reliability of circuit.

5. Vehicle frame and working device

Articulated vehicle frame with a long wheelbase, a big bend angle (36° to the left and right), a small turning radius (minimum turning radius of 6170mm) and low size requirements on the work site.

The articulated part is designed with double-row opposite tapered roller bearings, ensuring the good rigidity, sound force distribution and easy steering.

Such world-famous working devices as single rocker arm, short tie bar and Z-shaped four-bar mechanism are adopted, providing a strong digging force up to 175kN. They have a high efficiency, and the three items total 10.8s, much better than the industrial standard, 12s in China.

6. Cab and inner trimmings

The cab and engine use the 3D streamline design and the advanced mould guaranteeing approach, make the appearance of the loader more beautiful and fashionable.

The cab frame is in the profile steel structure, providing a high structural strength and reliable quality.

The front and rear arched full-view windshields provide a good field of vision and decent appearance.

The integral dashboard design centralizes the instrument, provides good visual effect and is easy to monitor all the parameters of the loader.

The connection between the cab and the vehicle frame absorbs the shock and thus reduces the vibration and shaking and makes the loader more comfortable to drive.

The environment-friendly and reliable Freon-free cooling air conditioner specialized for engineering vehicle is adopted; its cooling capacity is up to 4000kcal, ensuring the good cooling effect.

Overall dimension (length x width x height) (mm)
8705 ×3130×3450
Rated load (t)
Standard bucket capacity of (m3)
Weight of complete machine (t)
Unloading height (mm)
Unloading distance (mm)
Sum time of three items (s)
Wheelbase (mm)
Wheel track (mm)
Maximum breakout force (kN)
Maximum traction (kN)
Steering angle
Maximum traveling speed (km/h)
Minimum turning radius
Maximum gradeability (°)

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