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YTR280C Rotary Blasthole Drilling Rig

YTR280C Rotary Blasthole Drilling Rig
YTR series rotary drilling rig is high efficiency construction drilling rig suitable for the construction of base piles such as bridges, railroads, and building construction. It is featured with high efficiency, power-saving, environmental protection, low machine malfunction rate, and high reliability.

Performance features

1. It is equipped with forehead cylinder, through which the pulley-yoke can automatically fold the mast, so as to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

2. Main winch adopts single-motor reducer drive, which can ensure the stability of strong pulling and rapid lifting, so as to realize high working efficiency of main winch;

3. Rear-placed main winch (Patent No.: 200620135077.0) adopts lengthened-type large-diameter winding drum, which realizes a single-layer winding of steel wire rope and greatly improving the service life of steel wire rope;

4. This rotary blasthole drill rig uses the most advanced electronic leveling device which can switch between manual operation and automatic operation and is capable of real-time monitoring the mast and carrying out automatic adjustment to ensure the mast is always in the vertical state during construction operation, and this can effectively ensure the pile-hole verticality meets the requirement of the engineering;


Model Unit YTR280C
Maximum drilling diameter mm 2000
Maximum drilling depth m 85
Engine Model C9 ACER Electronic Fuel Injection(FEI)
Manufacturer Caterpillar
Configured power kW 261
Power head Maximum drilling torque kN.m 280
Drilling speed r/min 6~23
Pressurized cylinder Maximum pressure kN 230
Maximum pull force kN 230
Stroke of sledge mm 5330
Main winch Pull force kN 270
Maximum line speed m/min 55
Diameter/Length of steel wire rope mm 32
Location Rear-mounted
Auxiliary winch Pull force (first floor) kN 120
Maximum line speed m/min 70
Diameter of steel wire rope mm 20
Mast Forwards inclination ° 3
Sidewards inclination ° 3.5
Chassis Model CAT 336D
Width of crawler board mm 800
Towing force kN 510
Overall chassis length (wheel track) mm 5000
Overall dimension Equipment width under working state mm 4300
Equipment height under working state mm 23180
Equipment length under transportation state mm 17400
Equipment height under transportation state mm 3420
Equipment width under transportation state mm 3000
Weight Working state t 80
Transportation state t 68
Standard Drilling Rod Specifications 14.5m 4-section φ508 locking-type drill rod
Longest Drilling Rod Specifications 15.5m 6-section φ 508 friction type drilling rod
Specifications of Standard Drill Bucket φ1200、φ1500、φ1800Double-Bottom Bailing Bucket

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