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YTZ5060TSL70F Sweeper Truck

YTZ5060TSL70F Sweeper Truck
As an environmental sanitation equipment, the road sweeper integrates road sweeping, garbage collection and garbage transportation into one machine, which is widely used for sweeping arterial highway, airfield pavement, uptown and park, etc. Our street sweeper has two models including YTZ5050TSL70E and YTZ5060TSL70F.

Performance features

1. YTZ5060TSL70F road sweeper applies the layout pattern of "center-mounted four vertical sweep + rear suction nozzle (built-in rolling sweep)” operating system, the front and rear sweep plate can be controlled individually, which is combined with the rear suction nozzle for integrated sweeping and suction. It is featured by excellent sweeping and suction capacity, and can be freely combined sweeping and cleaning mode according to user demands.
2. The sweeping and cleaning device mounted on the road sweeper is simple and reliable in mechanism, and the sweep plate is furnished with the automatic avoidance function, which is hardly damaged during operation;
3. The suction nozzle is provided with the built-in rolling sweep and floating gripper, while the ground clearance of the suction nozzle can be automatically floated with the pavement in order to ensure the sweeping and cleaning effects.
4. Stainless steel trash bins and water tanks can guarantee the long-term use of the vehicle;
5. The radiator of the auxiliary engine adopts reinforced design with the largest cooling area among the whole industry, so as to ensure normally operating at the high temperatures above 40℃ and avoid high temperature problem of the auxiliary engine.
6. The water tank of the street sweeper is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can achieve automatic alarm to prevent damage to the pump due to water shortage.
7. The sweeper truck is equipped with a voice alarm system that can accurately broadcast various safety tips and faults.
8. As a well-known road sweeper supplier in China, we guarantee to provide quality products to our customers.

Technical parameters

Item Parameter
1、Dimension parameters
Appearance dimension (length x width x height) 5650×2000×2350mm
Front suspension 1015mm
Rear suspension 1275mm
Angle of approach 24°
Angle of departure 25°
Minimum ground clearance 190mm
Volume of garbage compartment 5m3
Volume of water tank 1100L
2、Quality Parameters
Kerb mass 4600kg
Unladen weight of front axle 1800kg
Unladen weight of rear axle 2800kg
Gross weight of front axle 2100kg
Gross weight of rear axle 3700kg
Max. Gross mass 5800kg
3、Performance parameter
Sweeping width 2.5-3.2m
Operating speed 3-15km/h
Maximum speed 98 km/h
Maximum grade ability 30%
Maximum equivalent diameter of suction 116mm
Inclination angle of garbage self-dumping 60°
Sweeping efficiency 96%
Working temperature -10°—50°
Rated passengers 2人
Continuous working hours ≤8h
Minimum turning radius 13.6m
Hydraulic oil tank capacity Hydraulic oil tank capacity 58L
Volume of fuel tank Volume of fuel tank 80L
Oil consumption during operation(8Km/h) 6.8L/h
Oil consumption of driving 10.6L/100km
Vehicle-side noise <80db(A)
4、Hydraulic system
Max. working pressure 14Mpa
Hydraulic oil model HM-46(HM-32)
5、Electric system
Control mode PLC program control
System voltage 12V
Voltage of work devices 12V
Monitoring devices standard configuration
6、Cleaning device
Distribution mode Two sweeping plates at middle and sucker in rear, imported hydraulic motor for drive, Two sweeping plates at middle and sucker in rear, imported hydraulic motor for drive, speed of sweeping brush enables stepless speed
Disk diameter Φ900mm
Disk inclination angle regulation Forerake 4—6°,Extroversion 2—5° Forerake angle: 4~6°, camber angle: 2~5°
7、Pumping system
Diameter of the straw Sucker diameter Φ200mm
Ground clearance during working Clearance between bottom side of sucker and ground under working condition 5-10mm
Draught fan model Fan model Dedicated draught fan Dedicated fan

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