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Motor Scraper

Motor Scraper
Motor scraper is suitable for transferring mid-range and large-scale earthworks; and it is able to comprehensively complete the shoveling, loading, transporting and dumping process, control the filling pavement thickness and leveling operations, and locally compact the dumped soil.

Performance Feature

CL9A wheel tractor scraper is mainly used for mid-range and large-scale earthwork transferring. It is able to comprehensively complete the shoveling, loading, transporting and dumping process; it can control the soil thickness and leveling operations, and locally compact the dumped soil, which ensure higher production efficiency and economy compared with other shipping technologies. The machine can be widely used in the earthwork operations of highways, railways, ports and building construction. It is used for the excavation of river courses, channels, filling dam, embankment and constructing reservoirs, in the water conservancy project. In the farmland capital construction, the wheel tractor scraper can be used for coarse leveling, eradication of mounds, filling depressions and concentrating topsoil, restoring topsoil and terracing, etc. In open pit mining, the motor scraper has been widely applied for stripping, backfilling and stratified mining & excavation, etc.

The CL9A self-propelled scraper is suitable for operating in level Ⅱ-Ⅲ soil. While processing the level Ⅲ soil or higher level soil, the soil must be scarified by scarifier in advance in order to greatly improve the production efficiency. The wheel tractor scraper is able to operate within the haul distance of 200 - 3000m while the economic haul distance is from 500 - 1500m.

The motor tractor of the wheel tractor scraper adopts the hydraulic mechanical transmission. The torque converter and gearbox adopt products from Dana Holding Corporation, which are featured with advanced technology and reliable quality. The torque converter equipped on the CL9A self-propelled scraper introduces three-element Level 1 integrated model with high transmission efficiency; the fixed axis type gearbox is characterized by high transmission power, full power gear shift, and electromagnetic manipulation. Fully enclosed cab is equipped with air-conditioning, stereo equipment and vibration-reduction seats to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.


Items Technical parameter
Bucket Capacity(m3) Flat-loading: 9m3, stack-loading: 11m3
Horizontal tilt angle of the bucket compared to tractor (°) 20
Turning radius(m) <7
Maximum Digging Depth(mm) 300
Maximum Cutting Width(mm) 2700
Maximum Paving Thickness(mm) 430
Length×width×height (mm) 10050×3380×3050
Weight of complete vehicle (kg) Non-load weight 17700;full load weight 27300
Engine power (kW ) 162
Maximum driving speed(km/h) 40

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