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YTZ5070TXS70E/F Street Sweeper

YTZ5070TXS70E/F Street Sweeper
The street sweeper with high pressure water system is mainly used for cleaning pavement and sweeping pavement, which can be used as the cleaning truck and the sweeper truck simultaneously.

Performance Features

1. The street sweeper with high pressure water system is mainly used for cleaning pavement and sweeping pavement, which can be used as the cleaning truck and the sweeper truck simultaneously. During the cleaning operation, it is operated in high-pressure, low flow mode, which is characterized by dynamic decontamination, highly efficient and water-saving. The street sweeper is particularly suitable for the cleaning, sweeping and sanitation work of left & right pavement and curbs and kerb façade in the urban roads, as well as recycling the cleaning sewage.

2. The sweet sweeper adopts centralized control panel, LCD monitor system and GPS position services (optional), etc.

3. Owing to the application of ISUZU auxiliary engine, the diesel burning is more adequate, which truly embody the design concept of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly through the characteristics of fuel efficient and superior emissions.

4. The pumping and suction system has been optimized by the academician workstation, thereby enabling reasonable system matching and the industry's lowest power consumption.

5. The sweet sweeper widely adopts the finite element analysis software in design, which not only allows the components to meet the requirements of stiffness and strength, but also greatly reduces the dead weight.

6. High standard quality control: our street sweeper is designed according to the national military standard GJB9001A-2001 quality system certification; and the ISO9001 quality system; as well as the ISO14001 environmental management system.


Work performance High-pressure cleaning Cleaning width m 3.1
Washing speed km/h 3~15
Water pressure for washing mpa 10
Water volume for washing L/min 80
Sweeping width for kerb mm 150
Maximum suction granularity mm 110
Sweeping work Sweeping width m 3
Operating speed km/h 3~20
Maximum sweeping capacity ㎡/h 60000
Discharge angle ° ≥45
Maximum volume of clean water tank L 4500
Maximum volume of sewage tank L 2800
Driving performance Maximum speed (full load) km/h 100
Maximum climbing angle % 30
Brake distance (full load, 30 km/h) m ≤10
Minimum Turning Diameter m 13.6
Fuel consumption Fuel consumption for driving L/10000㎡ 12.8
Fuel consumption for work (Average sweeping speed 8km/h) L/h 6.5
L/10000㎡ 2.4
Mass parameters Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass kg 5670
Max. gross mass kg 7300
Structure dimension Appearance dimension (length x width x height) mm 6450×2050×2470(YTZ5070TXS70E ) 6530×2050×2470 (YTZ5070TXS70F )
Wheel Tread mm 3815
Wheel Tread Front wheel mm 1504
Rear wheel mm 1425
Approach angle (°) 24
Departure angle (°) 22
Minimum ground clearance mm 190
Major components Gear pump, gerotor motor, hydraulic cylinder
Oil pressure relief Mpa 14
Hydraulic oil capacity L 60
Control mode Logic programme, alarm, etc
System voltage 12V
Working device system voltage 12V
Battery model 12V-70A.H
High pressure water pump Type Plunger type
Model Italy KEB36
Pressure 10Mpa
Rotate speed 1150r/min
Water Valve Type Hydraulic control high pressure ball valve
Pressure 10Mpa
Nozzle Type High pressure type
Water filter type Strainer type
Quantity of nozzle 34

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