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YTZ5160TXS20E/F Street Sweeper

YTZ5160TXS20E/F Street Sweeper
The street sweeper with high pressure water system is mainly used for cleaning pavement and sweeping pavement, which can be used as the cleaning truck and the sweeper truck simultaneously.

Performance features

1. Clean Sweeping

The YTZ5160TXS20E/F street sweeper adopts washing and high-pressure rinsing operation mode, which not only can clear off dust in the road surface but also remove stains sticking to the road efficiently. Compared to the traditional sweeper, our street sweeper can do a better clean job.
Street sweeper with high pressure water system is equipped with dedicated high-pressure centrifugal blower, generating large air volume and strong suction force; it can ensure efficient collection of sewage and garbage, while solving the waterlogging problem when rinsing uneven pavement;
Left/right high pressure spray rod and nozzle are arranged in "V"-type arrangement; "V"-shaped angle and high-pressure water nozzle angle can be adjusted to ensure that the sewage can be effectively gathered in front of suction and sewage collection can become more thoroughly;

2. Reliable and durable

Our street sweeper adopts originally imported high-pressure pump from Italy, which is featured with high-pressure withstand capacity, high flow, and long service life.
Pneumatic system is made by Japan SMC - a top pneumatic product brand in the world and can work highly efficiently and stably;
Athos hydraulic valve imported from Italy may ensure stable operation without leakage and failure.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

Suction system is optimized by Academician workstation to have more reasonable configuration and lower energy consumption;
Finite element analysis software is widely used to meet requirements of stiffness and strength, while greatly decreasing dead weight and realizing the best operating cost.

4. Advanced technology

The street sweeper adopts German Siemens PLC controller to control the whole truck; many operations in the cab can be completed in one key control with high level of automation; equipped with a voice alarm system that can accurately broadcast a variety of safety tips and faults;

5. Safe usage

Settings of emergency stop switch and trigger switch in the control system as well as interlocking design in the programs can effectively prevent the misuse or malfunction; hydraulic lock design and safety support can provide double protection against personal injury resulted from sudden dropping of tank body during maintenance and repairing.


Item Unit YTZ5160TXS20E YTZ5160TXS20F
Cleaning work Cleaning width m 4.1 4.1
Washing speed km/h 3~10 3~10
Water pressure for washing Mpa 14 14
Water volume for washing L/min 137 137
Sweeping work Cleaning width m 3.5 3.5
Washing speed km/h 3~15 3~15
Cleaning speed km/h 3~20 3~20
Max. clean capacity ㎡/h 70000 70000
Discharging angle ° ≥48 ≥48
Low pressure washing width m 24 24
Water tank capacity L 9000 9000
Garbage can capacity L 7000 7000
Max. speed km/h 90 90
Max. gradeability % 30 30
Braking length(Full load 30 km/h) m ≤10 ≤10
Minimum diameter of turning circle m 19 19
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg 11650 11640
Max. total mass kg 16000 16000
Wheel base mm 5000 5000
Approach angle (°) 20 20
Departure angle (°) 15 12
Min. ground clearance mm 250 250
Dimension mm 8590×2490×2980 8590×2490×3050

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