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YTZ5250GQX20E/F Cleaning Truck

YTZ5250GQX20E/F Cleaning Truck
The high-pressure water circuit of the road washer adopts the pneumatic actuator to control the high-pressure ball valve switch, and the auxiliary air tank at the chassis is used for air supply, which is environmental protection and energy saving and at the same time it is able to avoid secondary pollution due to oil leakage by using the hydraulic cylinder control switch.

Performance features

1. The chassis of YTZ5250GQX20E/F road washer adopts Dongfeng New Tianlong cab with elegant appearance and interior comfort. The truck is powered by State Ⅲ or State Ⅳ engine manufactured by Dongfeng Cummins, which is featured with strong power, high reliability, low oil-consumption and superior energy conservation.

2. The main materials of cabinet is made of high strength Q345 steel, with increased 60% strength compared to the ordinary low-carbon steel (Q235). The tank can be processed with the ordinary anti-corrosion or non-toxic imported epoxy tank paint for anti-corrosion based on user demands, characterized by superior anti-corrosion performance, greatly extending the service life of the tanker. The exterior part of the road washer adopts the passenger car coating process with strong adhesion and elegant appearance.

3. The pump mounted on the self-priming sprinkling truck is featured by heavy displacement (60m3/h), high lift (90m), strong self-priming capability, high output power and high-pressure. The adjustment of the pump inlet and outlet pipeline valves is able to supply water outward and suck water into the tank.

4. The sprinkler system of the road washer is mounted with the manual valves and pneumatic valves, thus it is optional for manual and automatic control. The tank is installed with the low water level alarm system, and its rear end is mounted with the injection spray pipe for spray and aspirating.

5. The rear side of the tank is provided with a platform, so that the operator can operate on the platform and conduct long-range spraying operations by virtue of the equipped long-range, high-pressure spray gun. The high-pressure spray gun is able to achieve the spraying of water column and water mist by manually adjusting the nozzle; and the water mist can also be adjusted to heavy rain and light rain in order to meet different needs

6. The rear platform is spacious, and it is comfortable for operating while standing above the platform. The rear side of the tank is mounted with ladders, thus it is relatively safe and convenient to climb on the top of the tank.


Item YTZ5250GQX20E/F
Chassis model DFL1250A8/DFL1250A11
Engine type ISDe245 30/ ISDe245 40
Engine power(kW) 180
Emission standard State Ⅲ/ state Ⅳ
Dimension(mm) 10930X2490X3030
Wheel base(mm) 4350+1300
Curb weight(kg) 11600
Overall weight(kg) 25000
Dimension of the tank(mm) 5500X2330X1440
Max. speed(km/h) 90
Washing width(m) 2.5-3.5 (optional)
Washing speed(km/h) 3-20
Max. water pressure(MPa) 13
Water volume(L/min) 153
Rated volume of the tank(L) 18000
Spraying lift(m) 90
Spraying width(m) ≥24
Water volume(L) 400-800
Water range(m) ≥36

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