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TL240H Wheel Bulldozer

TL240H Wheel Bulldozer
As experienced earthmoving machinery in China, we have developed a series of wheel dozer for sale. Our company is the sole supplier of military wheel bulldozer which is mainly used for pushing, shoveling and leveling the road surface in the field of construction, highway construction, water-power engineering, port engineering, national defence engineering, etc.

Performance Features

1. With its high speed and large traction, the TL240H wheel bulldozer is able to tow a 20~30T flatbed trailer to transport large machineries. The power of the engine is 175kW, which ensures high work efficiency.
2. The drive system adopts four-wheel first-grade integrated torque converter and double-idler pulley system to expand the high efficiency area of torque converter. Large absorption of power can provide large traction torque, which improve its work efficiency and fuel efficiency.
3. Bulldozer drive axle, by using military technologies, is provided with strong bearing capacity; the bracing structure for rear axle is of integral type with reliable quality.
Designed according to military technologies, the bulldozer drive axle has strong bearing capacity; the rear axle bracing structure is of integral type with reliable quality.
4. Machine frame adopts single-sheet beam structure; the room for engine maintenance is enlarged. The link joints of front and rear machine frame are arranged in a proportion of 1:1 to ensure flexible steering and good mobility.
5. The closed streamlined cab is featured with wide eyeshot. In addition, the working device now is controlled through pilot mono-lever instead of connecting rod, which is more convenient. Being equipped with air conditioner, stereo system and suspension seat, the operation environment is safer and more comfortable.
6. Solenoid valve group is adopted to control the movement of scraper knife, which can achieve the effect of scraper knife movement. Full hydraulic steering is featured with convenient and flexible drivability as well as good performance of straight driving.

Technical Parameters

Overall size (L × W × H) (mm) 7230×3480×3465
Wheelbase(mm) 3470
Tread(mm) 2200
Height of Scraper Knife(mm) 1000
Operating weight(t) 18.8
Maximum lifting height of blade(mm) 1060
Maximum Digging depth of blade(mm) 385
Maximum Tilt height of blade(mm) 450
Dozer blade top rake (°) 13
maximum gradeability(°) 24
Minimum turning radius(mm) 6545
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 415
Steering angle(°) ±35
Rated power(kW) 175
Max. traction.(kN) 140
Transmission gear Four forward gears, four reverse gears
Forward/back speed gearⅠ(km/h) 0~7.5
Forward/back speed gearⅡ(km/h) 0~14.5
Forward/back speed gearⅢ(km/h) 0~23.4
Forward/back speed gearⅣ(km/h) 0~47.0

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