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YT3621 Mining Dump Truck

YT3621 Mining Dump Truck
Yutong heavy mining dump truck, as a dump truck brand, appeared in the "product of the China construction machinery TOP50” for three consecutive years.

Performance Feature

1. Superior performance and reliable quality

Series YT3621 mining dump truck is designed scientifically and matched reasonably with powerful engine and strong climbing ability, which aims at severe road condition and big gradient.

2. High safety

The rigid dump truck adopts dual-circuit braking system and engine secondary braking system to fit severe driving condition. The skeleton-type reinforced cab is adopted to ensure safety of the vehicle and the driver.

3. Solid and durable

Based on the mine conditions and engineering concept, the large-section box-shape welded rigid frame is designed to enhance the bending resistance and twisting resistance ability of the frame. The girders adopt high-strength steel to ensure great carrying capacity and long fatigue life. The mining vehicle suspension and engineering vehicle axle designed to deal with mining working conditions are more suitable for severe mining conditions.

4. Attractive appearance and comfortable seat

The mining dump truck has well-designed appearance which displays both sturdy and powerful impression of mining machineries and coordination and beautify of automobiles. The luxury interior trim of the cab including streamlined instrument panel, assembled instruments and the environmentally friendly flame-retardant interior materials shows the design concept to make the engineering machinery as comfortable as cars.

Performance Parameters

Parameters of Standard Configuration
Curb mass (kg) 22000
Designed gross mass (kg) 62000
Max. rated load (kg) 40000
Standard carriage (flush/stack) (m3) 26/30
Overall dimensions of vehicle (L X W X H) (mm) 8750X3200X3700
Wheel base (mm) 3600+1500
Drive type 6X4
Min. turning radius (mm) ≤11
Max. speed (km/h) 49
Max. gradeability (%) 36
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 30/45
Engine Model WD12.375
Power (kw/hp) 275/375
Max. torque (N.m) 1550
Gearbox 9JSD180
Tyre 14.00-24
Axle Load of front axle (kg) 13
Load of intermediate and rears (kg) 25
Speed ratio 11.28
Time of lifting large carriage (s) ≤25

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